Rental Car Burglarized in South Africa

Last night there was a storm so we drove our rental car to the end of the driveway in the evening, to avoid the precarious drive down the hillside when the road was muddy. The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast, said our goodbyes, and headed down to the car. Unfortunately, when we got there we discovered the car had been burglarized.

While they broke the driver’s side (right) window, they didn’t use the trunk pull to open the trunk. Rather, they took a metal fence post and pried open the trunk. So frustrating. Fortunately, we hadn’t left anything in the car of significance in the vehicle (well, actually, I left my jacket but they didn’t steal that).

In the end, it was just a huge inconvenience. First, we had to drive to the police station and file a report. This involved filling out forms in triplicate. Except, the policeman fills in the form but in first person – under the assumption that the vast majority of people needing a report can’t write. Also, there are a few peculiarities. Consider, for example, the highlights below:

“Nobody had permission to break into my car.”

Next we headed back to the rental company to sort out things with them and fill in the necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, no one was there – even though they hours posted on the door indicated they should be open for several more hours. We waited two hours and they eventually showed. I was pleasantly surprised how much empathy they had regarding the burglary. In the end, I filled out another incident report and they assigned me a new car. We will get the bill in the email. And, hopefully, our credit card insurance, where we filled another report, will cover the expense.

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  1. Renée says:

    Eish…as we say in Soul Africa when there are no adequate words 🙈

  2. Joe says:

    Bummer! That’s a handsome car — I’ve never heard of the Suziki Dzire. Hope you get the LC soon. Happy belated b-day 🥳

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