Murchison Falls, Uganda (East Africa Day 3: April 16, 2022)

Travel Summary: 10h 16m driving 382 km

Uganda Day 3
Uganda Day 3

The next morning we awoke and broke camp by 6:30 AM in search of lions….

Once we left the park we headed for the top of Murchison Falls. The view was great and we were able to get close enough to get wet – and any closer would have been too close for safety.

What a fantastic way to start the day. The remainder was mostly just a long drive to Fort Portal except for a grilled mielie (corn on the cob) stop along the way.

Stopping for grilled corn along the way to Fort Portal

The one notable reflection for me occurred over dinner. We sat down with a Ugandan pastor whose church is a sister church to Valley Real Life. During the conversation he shared how one of the biggest challenges in his congregation was marriage. He acknowledged that marriage was incredibly hard and he was very open to any training that might be available.

Follow-Up: Later on in the week I met with World Relief in the Democratic Republic of Congo and they shared how successful and critical their couples curriculum was. Each of the countries we visited are plagued by significant gender equality issues and staggering gender based violence (GBV) violence. For this pastor to openly request marriage training was a wonderful testimony to his humility but also a critical call for help.

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